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2002 Zolder World championships

  • Now the Spaniards get into it!

  • Big mess after the start

    Sandy hill right after the start and chaos! The Hungarian team has all the H's
  • Silver and Bronze dust-up

    Daphne in the Dutch uniform, Alison in the US colors and Hanka at the front. This is 1/4 mile from the finish, Hanka has been leading for the last few hundred yards and here she slams on the brakes, forcing someone else to lead. Alison had to take it to the finish with Hanka and Daphne now sitting on her wheel. the Gold was in the house already and one of these racers was going to be out of luck for the podium.
  • Zolder bridge

  • Alison Dunlap

  • 1st quarter mile

    that's Mario deClerc in 2nd wheel, right after the start on the start pavement
  • Scrum at the Pits

    Chris Zigmont spends another week of vacation working the pits for every US rider. That's Chris turning around with the bike after his last US rider has passed him.
  • Tim Johnson

  • Gullickson and Johnson

    After a miserable start that saw him at the tail of the field in the 1st quarter mile, Johnson steadily worked his back to a final 14th place. He's just in front of Mark Gullickson who's throwing his leg back onto the bike
  • All Belgium, All the Time

    At the back is Nys, middle Super Mario doper deClearc, and Tom leading - all the medals right here.
  • Gina Hall

  • Carmen in the middle of Zolder


2002 Zolder World championships