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2000 World Championships, Sint Michielsgestel, Holland

  • US Women's Team

    Those huge eyes on the left belong to Anne Knapp (Grande), Ruthie Matthes in the center, and Carmen d'Aluisio (Richardson) in the clear rain coat
  • Czech flags

    Cheering for the red/white & blue gets confusing at Worlds. At least 4 countries have those colors as national flags: France Czech Netherlands USA those are Czech flags rippling in the wind
  • A sea of mud

    Friday afternoon the weather was still frigid and the course was crunchy and icy. That night a warm front blew in and the course defrosted. It took place on a golf course and this fairway was 6" deep by the final Men's race. It was 200 yards of running and hoping you didn't lose a shoe. Groenendaal and Nys were the oonly ones who could find a path through this stuff and stay on their bikes.
  • I'm going to call this one Ben J-M

  • Warm-up for Alison

    Getting ready for the first-ever Women's title, Alison joins the other pioneers as she warms up before the historic event.
  • Carmen and Tim

    This was the first time a World Championship for Women was oganized. Tim Johnson, on the DL after breaking a collarbone a few weeks earlier, operated as part of the US 'cross Brain trust. Here he's escorting Carmen d'Aluisio towards the start zone
  • The Swiss Fans, they're always here

  • Can you say, "Big Crowd?"

  • Big smile on jumbotron

    This is Bart Aernouts getting the gold on TV after a great duel with Walker Ferguson
  • The Dutch crowd

    On a wet, mucky sunday, a big Dutch crowd turns out for the finale, the Elite Men's title race
  • Is it Andy? or Ben?

    It's clearly ONE of the J-M twins in the U-23 race and Sheckler right behind
  • U-23 heavyweights

    Andy and Ben Jacques-Maynes flank Chris Zigmont, acting as US "Chef de Mission" and center, Jed Sheckler


2000 World Championships, Sint Michielsgestel, Holland