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2000 World Championships, Sint Michielsgestel, Holland

  • U-23 heavyweights

    Andy and Ben Jacques-Maynes flank Chris Zigmont, acting as US "Chef de Mission" and center, Jed Sheckler
  • Is it Andy? or Ben?

    It's clearly ONE of the J-M twins in the U-23 race and Sheckler right behind
  • The Dutch crowd

    On a wet, mucky sunday, a big Dutch crowd turns out for the finale, the Elite Men's title race
  • Big smile on jumbotron

    This is Bart Aernouts getting the gold on TV after a great duel with Walker Ferguson
  • Can you say, "Big Crowd?"

  • The Swiss Fans, they're always here

  • Carmen and Tim

    This was the first time a World Championship for Women was oganized. Tim Johnson, on the DL after breaking a collarbone a few weeks earlier, operated as part of the US 'cross Brain trust. Here he's escorting Carmen d'Aluisio towards the start zone
  • Warm-up for Alison

    Getting ready for the first-ever Women's title, Alison joins the other pioneers as she warms up before the historic event.
  • I'm going to call this one Ben J-M

  • A sea of mud

    Friday afternoon the weather was still frigid and the course was crunchy and icy. That night a warm front blew in and the course defrosted. It took place on a golf course and this fairway was 6" deep by the final Men's race. It was 200 yards of running and hoping you didn't lose a shoe. Groenendaal and Nys were the oonly ones who could find a path through this stuff and stay on their bikes.
  • Czech flags

    Cheering for the red/white & blue gets confusing at Worlds. At least 4 countries have those colors as national flags: France Czech Netherlands USA those are Czech flags rippling in the wind
  • US Women's Team

    Those huge eyes on the left belong to Anne Knapp (Grande), Ruthie Matthes in the center, and Carmen d'Aluisio (Richardson) in the clear rain coat


2000 World Championships, Sint Michielsgestel, Holland