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Cross Vegas 2009

  • Wining break

    Chris Jones just shaded a bit by eventual winner Jamie Driscoll
  • Men's leaders early

    Trebon. Vervecken and Johnson
  • A million members in the pits

    This race always has a very large pit, fully UCI directed. That's Stu Thorne from Cyclocrossworld.com in the black T-shirt in the center
  • Very Busy pits

  • Dot

    Southern California's Cyclocross engine, Dorothy Wong
  • Laura Van Gilder

  • Barb Howe

  • Katerina

    World Cup winner last year at Roubaix, K. Nash won 'Cross Vegas this year (2010)
  • KFC

    Will this be her year to collect another World's medal - Gold this time?
  • Coryn

  • Andrew

    Editor and publisher of CX Magazine, Andrew Yee
  • Lauren

    She has since started work for the High School MTB League but last year had a great time on the turf
  • Another legend

    The Great John Howard, still racing for fun
  • On stage with Elvis

    The "Twin Talkers" - Richard Fries and Larry Longo - not affected with the close presence of the Legend.


Cross Vegas 2009