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US Worlds Team 1977

  • Milwaukee Nationals 1976

    Here's a round table of US 'Cross historic figures. That's Joe Ryan on the left with Clark Natwick, Gary Fisher and Santa Cruz legend Danny Nall on the right. This is from a cold, icy US Nationals in Milwaukee
  • US Worlds Team 1977

    Here's the gang assembled in northern Spain for the World Championships - a very muddy affair Eckard Rieger on the left was Team Manager with 5-tinme US Champ Laurence Malone in the back row, next to Team Mechanic Ralph Kornahrens and 3-time National Champ Clark Natwick on the far right (and 4-time of you count Junior title). In front is the battling barrister from Berkeley, Joe Ryan, US Champ in 1980 whose finish in Italy that year (15th) was the highest American placing until Tim Johnson broke that up in Zolder in 2002


US Worlds Team 1977