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Hoogstraaten Super Prestige 2009

  • Swan song for a veteran

    Richard Groendaal in one of his finals races of his career, headlined by a World Championship on his home course at St. Michielgestel 2000
  • Tight battle for 2nd

    Albert and Stybar jousting for the runnerup spot on the podium - Sven's already locked up this win.
  • Muddy Buddy Vervecken

    During the race, a face full of Belgian toothpaste
  • Here's your new champ

    Niels Albert getting to show off his new champs jersey
  • Mr. Bart Wellens

  • Stybar

    Almost a Belgian native now, Stybar has the World's jersey for this season after his win at Tabor
  • Sven off the front

  • Phillip from the front

  • Another champ

    U23 champion from Germany /phillip Wasleben
  • Where the hills came from

    They dug a pond and all that dirt was dumped next doors. Hey, here's an idea! We culd make this into a 'cross course
  • Eising on the march

    Muddy little hills and Tjimen Eising is baptizing his World Champ's jersey with mud from Limburg province.
  • Course staff

    Got some tape broken? Fence needs meding? Post got broken? Here's the fix it gang, complete with big wooden mallet
  • Erwin's disaster

    This is what happened in a disastrous warm-up slide down the hill, eeeuww!
  • Muddy Erwin

    And a victim of the trecherous muddy downhill during practice - Vervecken slid down the 1st downhill - he's returning to his trailer for a change of uniform - he ran down the hill during the race.
  • Just like Sierra Point

    They used a bunch of waste dirt from digging ponds to pile up and create the only elevation in this part of eastern Belgium. Up and down, up and down, then up and down some more - and the downs are slicker than snail snot
  • Jumbotron

    This rider gets full exposure on the race course Jumbotron
  • The Sven-ster

    Penultimate race of the Super Prestige season - it's February, cold, wet and gooey.
  • Warm-ups

    It happens in a Super Prestige race the same as our events. This is the last lap for the Cadettes (under 15's) and the next group starts their warm-ups! Guys - the race isn't over - that's newly crowned Junior World Champ Tijmen Eising sitting on the kids wheel.


Hoogstraaten Super Prestige 2009