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Hooglede-Gits 2007 World Championships

  • End for Sven

    This was a muddy section and Sven dumped on this lsight uphill
  • Disaster in the sandbox

    Vervecken and Franzoi in the sand and Enrico finds the soft spot, dumps and there goes his medal chances
  • J. Page in the lead!

    He was challenging for the title until the last climb before the finish - he stayed in too large a gear and got bogged down - Vervecken came up in a smaller gear and game over. But he was on TV!
  • Snails in Belgium?

    I'm not sure what this vendor was thinking but when Paule Bates ordered a double dose of snails, he had no line in front of him at a very Belgian-influenced Worlds. Maybe snails braised in Chimay but these seemed a little out of place. This is deep-fried country - if it doesnlt fit into the fryer, why bother?
  • Hanka and Katie

    Kupfernagel has hit the deck once - notice the muddy butt - and Compton has a clean uniform - she stayed clean and was "Oh, so close" to the gold this year
  • Did I say "Steps"?

    Here's another section of steps to bedevil the World's best
  • Another special section

    A great sand box almost 50 yards long
  • Standard uniform

    Gum boots - it's alwats pretty gooey in early February
  • Lots of steps at this Worlds


Hooglede-Gits 2007 World Championships