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When the race is over.......

11/23/2010, 10:16am PST
By Pilarcitos CycleSports

Taking care of the park after the race

Usually when you get home from an event and have cleaned up your gear, we're not far behind. We normally have our trailers packed and have put them away in our warehouse by 6:30 every sunday - that's "normally" and that relates to each venue and circumstances. With Brisbane and our night race finishing up late on saturday evening we clear a lot of the equipment that evening by 10:30 and then head for the barn and return sunday morning for a final round of clean-up.

But Golden Gate Park poses a different challenge. We use the park hard and want to get invited back in the future. Even if we never returned to the Park we feel an obligation to restore those sections that show the most wear. The week following the race we toured the course with the Park's Head Gardener for his evaluation and recommendations for remediation. Attached is a video created by video journalist Nigel Walker of the Pilarcitos crew and Turbo Dan Horndasch and Bill Strachan who spent a very drippy saturday during Nationals weekend shoveling and raking.  


GGP 2009 from nigel walker on Vimeo.

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