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Weed whackers - start your engines! BASP 2013

08/10/2013, 2:15pm PDT
By Pilarcitos CycleSports

2013 Clif Bar Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross - presented by Summit Bicycles

Weed whackers - start your engines!  BASP 2013

Just as soon one half of Pilarcitos clears his household out of our warehouse we're renting a battalion of weed whackers, brush mowers and clippers so that the winter accumulation of underbrush can get cleared away for:

2013 Clif Bar Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross - presented by Summit Bicycles

Here's the formal calendar listing we've been working out with NCNCA honcho Keith deFiebre and fellow promoters:

1) Sept. 29 - Sunday - Candlestick Season opener
2) Oct. 20 - Sunday - Candlestick "Repechage"
3) Nov. 9 - Saturday - Sierra Point "Nocturne"
4) Nov. 24 - Sunday - Candlestick "Trippel"
5) December 8 - Sunday - Coyote Point

Careful readers will recognize a pattern here - 3 events at Candlestick and we'll be returning to a modifed series with those events - we'll award the "Candlestick Cup" to series winners on that, hopefully, wet and soft final day at the park. If it's not already a little gooey in places, that's what the 500 gallon towed water tank is for. 

Registration opens Sept. 1st online @
More information will be published on our website as we head for September 1st  Pre-registration opening date - specifically the advantages of pre-reg versus the disadvantages of raceday entry. 

Want a grid position near the front? Unless you're one of our top 14 each week who has earned a front row spot from the previous race results, then online Pre-registration is going to determine where you line up. Registration order will be how riders are gridded after the callups-  Day-of-race entrants will be lining up behind all you early birds. 

Want an entry fee discount? Pre-registration is going to save you 5 clams and lets us know how to staff our events - knowledge is important in our planning for your events. 

More coming - do you remember the Thule team shooting photos at last year's October Candlestick race? Check this years online catalog-
We made the cover!

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