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TV, Catalogs & Helicopters show up for Candlestick Repechage

10/22/2012, 9:45pm PDT
By Pilarcitos CycleSports

Norwegions, Thule, IceBreakers, and another Jason Anderson Special


Besides tieing down tents and anchoring banners and inflatables, yesterday's race also figured prominently in 3 different International photo shoots. 1st off we had the crew and entourage of Dag Otto Lauritzen racing their brains out. Before Thor, before Eddy, the Norwegian cycling star from my racing days was Dag Otto and he remains a Norwegian celebrity to this day.  When we get word of the footage we'll get it posted onto the website.

2nd we had the Thule crew filming both video and stills for their upcoming Thule catalog and I'll be curious to see if the race course gets featured - hope so. And finally Ice Breaker, a New Zealand clothing company used our backdrop as part of their promotional efforts introduing their merino wool clothing - some of you may have scored one of their T-shirts.

And Jason Anderson - our helicopter video artisit - he didn;t lose any equipment but the seriously windy conditions forced him to abandon before he was able to film a full day. We'll get his work onlne sometime tonight.   We had forewarned as many as we could to batten down their hatches from the serious weather, tie down tents, inflatables, banners EVERYTHING - and it did blow. We saw some great serious Paris-Roubaix faces at the end of many events - gritty, sandy, dirty - now if only last night's rain had come on friday

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