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Welcome to Clif Bar's Bay Area Super Prestige events for 2012

09/28/2012, 10:45pm PDT
By Pilarcitos CycleSports

Pre race information to smooth your way through the race


The very large family of Pilarcitos Cyclesports  staff  is enthusiastically waiting for Sunday morning to greet you at the kick-off to our 2012 Season.  Let's review our important policies designed to make sure your race experience - and that of your fellow competitors - is top notch.

1st things first - Parking at Candlestick. We have a major parking lot reserved just for our race - it's where 49er game spectators park during the season. It's located 100 yards north of the main park entrance next to the green pedestrian bridge to the stadium - you'll see our Black/White  signs for "Race Parking". Please do not park inside the Park itself - the main gate parking lot is OFF LIMITS for our event - please help our gate attendant by driving straight to our event parking.  Please be sure to park ONLY inside our prescribed parking area - not on the street. Park Rangers will have to stop our race if cars are parked on the street - we'd be VERY unhappy if our race is stopped because you couldn't find a place inside the lot - there are only about 10,000 spots available. Security - please make sure all your remaining valuables are out of sight or in your trunk - avoid break-ins by the thieves and stealers of the world - they're out there.

Item #2 - Registration - Thank you for your help by pre-registering for your event. Most important of all - this means your name is spelled CORRECTLY! When you arrive at our Registration HQ you'll find something new - all pre-registered riders just need to pick up your number and chip assigned for that number - no signatures required.  Day-of-race entries? Still need to fill out waiver and present at the desk for your number/chip.  Numbers are to be worn on your left side.

Please note: registration closes for each event 30 minutes before your event starts. Any race numbers not picked up by that time are then eligible for riders on the Wait List. We will establish a "Wait List" for each of our closed fields on Race Day. Please note per the message on the Registration Page - there are no refunds and very limited transfers.

 Example: Cat C Men - race scheduled to start at 8:45 - that means any number not collected by 8:15 when Registration Closes will be available for a rider on the Wait List.     

Item #3 - "Do you want some salsa with those chips?" Didn't you guys try timing chips in the last couple of years? Well, yes we did. We have now bought a system we like that uses an ankle strap to hold the chip and we think we have covered our bases this year. Chips are mandatory and will be distributed at registration along with your number.  Chips will be distributed and returned for each race - we'll have a crew at the end of the finish stretch standing by to recover your chip. They must be returned each race - and if not returned riders face a $50 replacement fee - and obviously we'll know which chips haven't been returned.

Item #4 - "When can I warm up on the course?" Many of our fields are full - and no athlete wants to have their race affected by someone warming up during their race. Course inspections (Warm-ups) can occur on saturday after 3:00 pm and on race day under the following conditions: When the winner of each race has passed under our S/F arch, a Pilarcitos Staff Member will open the circuit for course inspection just beyond turn 1 - and during your inspection please make sure you do not interfere with an athlete finishing the final lap - please remain behind the final rider on course. During all other moments of racing the course is closed to any/all warm-ups.

Item #5 - Lapped Riders? What happens if I get lapped by the leaders? It has been our policy to allow all competitors to finish their event without the potential of getting pulled by our officials if they have fallen well out of contention. We will continue to honor this policy unless and until the following happens - if athletes out of contention do not move off the line when leaders are approaching and passing  them to provide full use of the racing lane for the leaders - that's the end of the free ride. We want all athletes to have the best opportunities to compete but if lapped riders fail to observe basic rider etiquette in moving out of the way of leading riders - we will begin to institute the 80% Rule.

We want to make sure BASP events are first and foremost about RACING. For this we need the cooperation of all athletes to make sure we can all make the best racing experience possible. In short, if you're getting lapped,  please GET OUT OF THE WAY. Then continue your event but don't impede faster riders.

Item #6 - 1st Aid? Get a boo-boo? We've got 2 well trained and experienced EMT's standing by at our 1st Aid tent - look for the tall sign and white tent near registration. Our staff are equipped with radios so we can also send them on course as necessary.

Item #7 - "I want to buy some of that stuff!" Right next to Registration - BASP Merchandise. We've got Sheila Moon caps and beanies, BASP baseball caps, T-shirts (3 models), pint glasses, umbrellas and hoodie sweatshirts.

Item #8 - Toilets/Sanitation - we've got 3 flush toilets at the end of our parking lot, down near the bay and the old boat launch ramp and we've got 4 Porta Potties next to the final turn in the main parking lot.

Item #9 - last one! Pit Services - we have 3 locations for Bike Service on Sunday. On course we have our 8 sets of Ritchey wheels available to all riders on a neutral basis. Look for the tent in the center of the course and Daniel will hand over one of our spares. Next to Turn 1 you'll find the SRAM Neutral Service pit featuring an Ace mechanic plus all of SRAM's neutral equipment.  And they'll be happy to get that machine tuned either before or after your event and will be standing by with SRAM neutral wheels AND BIKES. Finally, Sports Basement will have their SF mechanics inside their tent, ready with every wrench known to man and woman. 

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