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Pre Registration Opens September 1st

08/24/2012, 8:25pm PDT
By Pilarcitos CycleSports

Set your clocks for midnight next friday

 Pre-Registration- September 1st @ 12am  (Thats one second after August 31st for those who are really counting down)

Last season BASP offered on line registration for the first time since their inaugural season in 2003. This was strictly an experiment since 2003 saw less than 10% of race entrants register via the internet. Fast forward to 2011 and life is extremely different in this decade. We saw many categories sold out for the season in the first 3 weeks of open registration – Men's "B", both classes of Men's "C", Master's "B" fields – check our results pages from 2011 and see just how loaded those fields were. 
Field size changes
We've made minor adjustments to field sizes this year – a few small enlargements but again – our aim is racing for everyone, not just participation. That will always mean field caps to make sure we don't flood the race courses with more riders than the venue and our staff can handle. See our website for details on field sizes  and for category changes. This year we free the Master 35 "B" field with their own race with max. field size. 100 riders is max field size for any event – save for our "Gentlemen" in the 45 "B" and 35 Master "C" fields where we have now combined those 2 groups. 
Would you like some beer with those "Chips"? 

Scoring large fields of racers was almost our downfall back in 2010. We made changes to our fields to give our judges and scorers a fighting chance to record your performances and this year we add another element to that structure. Chip timing will be present at each event to provide the data to allow our judges to promptly present race results for our podiums. The chips will be attached to your ankles via a strap and will record your data on each lap. Chips will be issued at each race – please make sure you return them to the Chip collectors who will be just beyond the finish line at each race. The chips cost $50 each, so for the benefit of all of us, do your part and return them.

Whats Different?

What's the same for 2012?
Here's what you can still expect to find in our 10th season.  Challenging venues – we're back at all 4 our regular (since 2003) race courses – Candlestick that we visit twice, Sierra Point in Brisbane for our Saturday Night Special, Golden Gate Park, and Coyote Point. Each of our locations have plenty of parking, porta potties, EMT's for boo-boos, Pilarcitos Mercantile booth for BASP clothing and more, podium ceremonies for all categories and the powerful voice of our House Announcer – Bruce Hildenbrand. Our TRP Brake Zones return for 2012, as well as the GoPro "Bridge of Sighs" who will appear at all venues except GG Park.
What's new this year? 
Podium ceremonies will this year include podium photography on site. When you've got your back slapped enough and taken care of the celebratory "dranken" from the mates, please stop by for a copy of your podium photo – we'll do the choosing. 
What's a little sand between friends? Coyote Point and CCCP has always featured a beach run and we add one more bit of Belgian DNA this year to Sierra Point.  Location is still being scoped out but expect it somewhere in the center of the race course, under the lights, of course.

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