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07/10/2012, 12:50am PDT
By Pilarcitos CycleSports

It's "Saison Dix", "Seizoen Tien", "Season Ten" for the Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross

 It's "Saison Dix", "Seizoen Tien", "Season Ten" for the Bay Area Super Prestige Cyclocross events - and we've got 5 of them to talk about (thanks to State of California last-minute budget compromises)

The Schedule:
September 30 (Sunday) Candlestick #1
October 21 (Sunday) Candlestick #2
November 10 - (Saturday) Night Race - Brisbane
November 25 - (Sunday) GG Park
December 9 - (Sunday) - CCCP - Coyote Point
The Details:
Candlestick!! Thanks to a lot of maneuvering with the State Parks Department, we are once again welcomed back to our "Stadium" across the street from the 49'er stadium. We can race here when the Niners are out of town or have a Monday Night game. We're currently examining our available areas in which to set up our 2nd course - partially a reverse of our traditional circuit and we're making plans for our bridge/flyover location. Details will be posted on our website as we nail it down with the Park.
Brisbane-Sierra Point. We're plotting on 1 new surprise feature to add to the mix. Last year it was the addition of the bridge, this year it will be another piece of the total Cyclocross package for Northern California afficianadoes. We're running out of parking in the Marina lots and will be asking many of you for Car-pooling Cooperation. Bring on the Lights! We have ordered as many as 20 in the past but these are always subject to last-minute challenges by our vendors - we were able to get 16 in 2011 (and are still paying off the stolen one - big time overnight security this year!).
Golden Gate Park - we've already submitted our dates with the Park's Special Events coordinator. They've informed us that weekend wil have an additional walking event on the other side of Speedway Meadows so parking will be as challenging as always. Our allies in the Park's gardening staff were thrilled with last year's post-race service work around Metson Lake and that is always reflected in permit activities. We've been in the park since 2004 and it's one of our favorites - atmosphere and history.
CCCP (Cyclo-Cross @ Coyote Point) - this is where we started in 2002 and for reasons of logistics, remains our singular favorite - plus how could we miss with the Beach Run?
We expect to open Registration on line September 1st with a couple category modifications for some of our dates - details to follow
Tom & Alec Simpson
Pilarcitos Cyclesports


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